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  • SYNC update adds another 3.4 million vehicles using their in-car technology.


  • The Future of Solar Power

    On a bright new wing

    Eventually, the civilian use of small drones may well exceed that of military ones. They can survey pipelines and power cables, perform aerial filming for anyone from television news stations to estate agents, monitor fires, assist in search-and-rescue operations and help carry out research. Aviation regulators are now forming rules that would allow far greater civilian use of such systems. http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21584962-small-remote-controlled-craft-powered-sun-are-taking-air?frsc=dg%7Cc

  • A Motiv for Sitting


    Comfort, style, and power make Bretford’s MOTIV™ High-Back Sofas ideal for casual and collaborative workspaces, including cafés, school lounges, libraries, offices and waiting areas. The new High-Back Sofa design allows for a cozy, semi-private workspace.

  • Bretford Ships New Cart and Rollers for iOS Devices

    roller carts

    “With the growing use of Apple devices in education, businesses and healthcare, there is also an increased need to charge, store, secure and transport them,” said Dan Berger, product management team lead for Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. “Since their introduction earlier this year, our new Apple cart and rollers have generated great interest. With their shipping availability, professionals can now specifically choose which product they’d like to use to care for their iOS devices when they are not in use, based on the environment, number of devices and where the devices need to go.”

  • Putting technology in the classrooms that need it most.

    iPads to LAUSD

    “We selected the schools that we believe had the greatest technology gap, the students that would have the least access to these devices if not through our school system.”

    Students at 47 Los Angeles area schools will receive iPads when they return to school in September, and by the fall of 2014, every K-12 student and teacher in the district should have a device. The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education has unanimously approved $50 million for phase 1 of its Common Core Technology Project Plan (CCTPP), of which $30 million is earmarked for iPad devices, and the other $20 million for equipment, software, and staff to support the implementation.

    Read more at http://thejournal.com/articles/2013/06/19/lausd-approves-phase-1-districtwide-11-ipad-initiative.aspx#8eMvvjEksWB8urJ2.99