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  • ZON’s Powersol™ Hits The Books

    Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.14.23 PM

    The ZON Powersol provides a convenient and affordable mobile device charging solution for colleges and universities – getting charging power to students outdoors where and when they want it.

  • Hardware Is The New Software

    Hardware 2.0

  • Siri, “Go to bed.” Apple’s new foray into home automation.

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    Apple’s uniquely positioned to drive adoption of HomeKit due to sheer market power — iOS devices are the only Apple hardware needed for HomeKit to work, and the iPhone and iPad are two of the most popular mobile gadgets on the planet.

  • Alert: “Your iOS devices are fully charged and ready to go.”


    “Large iOS deployments in schools and businesses have become commonplace with some organizations managing hundreds or even thousands of devices. We wanted to address — in an unobtrusive way — the whole new set of challenges involved with a deployment of that scale.”


  • Solar-charged USB power where you want it.

    Powersol Umbrella

    Powered by the sun, ZON Technology is revolutionizing hotels, resorts, conferences, colleges, business parks, and just about any outdoor environment where the power-user spends time. Coupage was honored to help this smart, fun product come to life.