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  • The perfect platform on which the Internet of Things can come to life

    Smart Lighting


    Intelligent lighting will be one of the first markets to realize the dream of the Internet of Things — millions (if not billions) of connected devices, silently sensing and acting on our behalf.

  • Solar Powered Umbrellas Arrive at Emory


    ZON’s solar powered umbrellas are allowing universities to put their money where their mouth is on sustainability efforts.

  • Ford Opens SYNC 3 Platform to Developers

    API access to the platform will allow developers to build apps that integrate with Ford SYNC 3 enabled vehicles.

  • Unleashing Apple HomeKit through App Makers

    Apple HomeKit
    Apple HomeKit

    “Apple wants third parties to be able to build their own apps and features for Apple HomeKit devices. It’s a near repeat of what Apple did with the iPhone. When it first came out in 2007, it only included pre-bundled apps from Apple. A year later, Apple opened it up to app makers and created the App Store, and the rest is history.

    Any developers building apps for HomeKit have to use the same safety guidelines as the device makers themselves – this means they need clear, overt privacy policies and must follow Apple’s guidelines to gain access to data about your home.”   – BUSINESS INSIDER

  • Power and Vibrancy in Educational Layout for Work-Style Classrooms

    Thinc College and Career Academy is a charter-based school with a workplace curriculum designed for high school-aged students. The THINC academic model is unique, technology-rich, and responsive to student and teacher needs. Combining critical thinking and business, THINC Academy meshes academic and workforce requirements through leading-edge technology, nimble classroom space, virtual learning, and project-based assignments.

    “The Bretford furniture offers the power and flexibility needed to help keep our students engaged and involved in their work projects. Those projects help prepare them for work and college and that is our key focus.” – Dr. Christopher Williams, principal of THINC