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  • 94 percent of Fortune 500s have deployed or are testing the iPad

    “We’re shifting our focus here to penetration in enterprise,” adding that the device is “the most broad-based product I’ve seen in my entire career in terms of enterprise adoption.” – Tim Cook


  • Power Your iPhone 4/4S with The Sun

    There are times where you absolutely need to charge up your iPhone 4 or 4S, but you’re nowhere near a power outlet. In those situations, you might fall back upon an iPhone battery case like the trusty Mophie Juice Pack Air I carry with me, but what happens when that battery runs out? No problem, as long as you’re carrying the Etón Mobius (US$80) rechargeable battery case with a solar panel and it’s a sunny day.


  • Stay Well Connected. BMW and Your iPhone Apps Together on The Road.

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  • Apple Jumps Into Textbooks

    iPad Textbooks

    iPad Textbooks

    Digital textbooks are drawing growing buzz, as tech companies see big potential to upgrade them to the digital age while tackling often-cited problems with education, such as the rising cost.

    Apple executives said today’s textbooks weren’t adequate teaching tools as technology had raced ahead. Instead, textbooks should be portable, searchable and easy to update, they said, demonstrating the ability to load, close and manipulate diagrams and video content by pinching your fingers.

  • CES News: Ford Sync Clears the Four Million Mark

    Ford Sync

    Ford Sync

    Ford announced the milestone at CES yesterday, projecting that the voice-activated, Microsoft-powered software will clear the nine million hurdle by as early as 2015. It may sound like a bold prediction, but considering that Sync is slated to roll out to markets in Asia and Europe this year, it certainly seems realistic.

    “SYNC has been a transformational technology not only for Ford, but for the industry,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president for Global Product Development. “SYNC has been integral to keeping pace with the consumer, delivering value through a constant flow of new features that keep them connected to their digital lives in a safer, simpler and smarter way while driving.”