Coupage was founded not in a garage but in a San Francisco living room above a garage in 2002 by Dave Johnson and Raquel Skidmore. Soon after Apple launched the first iPod, the partners realized the device’s immense potential, and developed the first in-car iPod connectivity solution, which forever changed how people experience music in a car.


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But the company’s roots — and knack for developing tech firsts — date to 1981, when Johnson created Dragon’s Lair, the first video game to use animated graphic video. Consistently, Coupage has piled on the innovative firsts — from designing the first automotive interface for satellite radio to engineering the first solar-powered iPhone battery case. The company continues to blaze trails in product design, uniting concept and form with innovation and new technologies.



Off-Grid Electric: Coupage added the first wireless capabilities to an off-grid solar power system enabling access to a solar power controller to anyone with a mobile phone.


CREE: Coupage engineered the first HomeKit-compatible smart bulb.


ZON’s Powersol: Coupage devised the first solar-powered umbrella and charging hub.


Bretford PowerSync+ App: Coupage designed the first app to enable remote monitoring of PowerSync products.


iHome’s iW1: Coupage is responsible for the first portable AirPlay wireless speaker with a rechargeable battery.


Bretford PowerSync iPad Cart and Tray: Coupage designed the first multislot sync, charge, and secure for iPad use in enterprise, education, and other high-volume applications.


Peachtree Audio’s iDecco: Coupage engineered the first tube hybrid integrated amp combined with an onboard pure digital iPod dock.


Incase Power Slider: Coupage designed the first accessory to offer protection, expanded battery life, integrated sync, and charge for the iPhone 3G.


Wadia iTransport: Coupage designed the first iPod component to offer native digital-audio output.


Ford Sync: Coupage created the first voice-controlled full multimedia interface for the automobile.


Volkswagen: Coupage developed the first direct-connect aftermarket iPod interface allowing continued use of their satellite radio.


iCruze: Coupage developed the first iPod direct-connect automotive interface with text capability.


Sirius Satellite Radio: Coupage’s co-founder Dave Johnson developed the first automotive interface for satellite radio.


CompuSave: Coupage’s co-founder Dave Johnson developed the first stand-alone touchscreen shopping kiosk.


Dragon’s Lair: Coupage’s co-founder Dave Johnson developed the first video game with animated graphic video.